An offer to purchase a home includes the opportunity to have a home inspector make a thorough inspection of the home. The contract may state that the buyer will do an inspection without repairs or that the buyer will do an inspection and potentially request repairs. These repairs generally relate to items undisclosed by the seller or unseen by the buyer while touring the home. Licensed home inspectors will provide a written report with photos of various areas of the home.

What is an example? A buyer generally does not climb on the roof and inspect shingles or flashing around a chimney. Most of us are not qualified to do so. Buyers generally do not enter into narrow crawl spaces and inspect the far corners. So a flashing that needs to be repaired or a damp crawl may be items suited to negotiated repairs. Perhaps a seller did not disclose knowledge of a faulty air conditioner.

What is not an example of a home repair? A home repair is not asking that a paint color be changed. That would be cosmetic and repairs are not cosmetic.

You may have a licensed home inspector you would like to use. If not, there are a number of licensed home inspectors who my clients have found to be very helpful in determining the condition of their prospective home. Keep in mind, I am not warranting their work, only passing on the comments of clients who have been pleased.

As the buyer, you will be hiring the home inspector. I can provide contact information and you will need to make decisions about who you would like to use for your home inspection. Keep in mind that most inspections are required to be done 10 or 15 calendar days of the contract date so it is critical you arrange for the inspection (with my help) as soon as the home is under contract.

These inspectors include:

Pruitt Property Inspection
2164 Island Drive
Lexington, KY 40502
Area Served: Fayette and adjacent counties

Jim Chandler
Chandler Home Inspection

1128 Stirling Drive
Danville, KY 40422
Areas Served: Central and South Central KY

Tom Adams
Adams Multi-Service Co., Inc.
1152 Oatlands Park
Lexington, KY 40509
Area Served: Central KY

Mitch Buchanan
Capital City Home Inspection

144 Hunters Trace
Frankfort, KY 40601
Area Served: Central KY

James Davis III
Davis Home Inspections, LLC

1098 Walnut Grove Circle
Richmond, KY 40475
Areas Served: Central and South Central KY

Ron Pike
Home Inspection Services, Inc.

Area Served: Central KY